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Yellow Crazy Ant
Yellow Crazy Ant (Anoplolepis gracilipes)
Yellow crazy ants get their common name from their erratic movement when disturbed. Crazy ants spray formic acid to subdue prey, this can irritate skin and eyes of people coming in contact with the ants. They have a... Read more >
Reddish carpenter ant
Reddish carpenter ant (Camponotus castaneus)
The Reddish carpenter ant as its common name indicates is a reddish brown color. The head is darker chestnut brown and the thorax and abdomen are an orange brown color. They get their common name from their habitat in... Read more >

Red carpenter ant
Red carpenter ant (Camponotus chromaiodes)
The Ferruginous carpenter ant is a dark colored ant with reddish waist and propodeum (the first abdominal segment between the thorax and the narrow "waist"), and also reddish on the waist and front of the gaster (the... Read more >
Red carpenter ant
Red carpenter ant (Camponotus noveboracensis)
The Red carpenter ant (Camponotus noveboracensis) has a dark reddish brown colored thorax and waits, black head and black gaster (bulbous part of the abdomen). They nest in decaying wood. They can be a pest in homes,... Read more >
Black carpenter ant
Black carpenter ant (Camponotus pennsylvanicus)
The Black carpenter ant, as its name indicates is a black ant. The abdomen has short white hairs. They form large colonies that can house several thousand insects. In their natural habitat, they nest in decaying wood,... Read more >
Ant (Formica densiventris)
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Allegheny mound ant
Allegheny mound ant (Formica exsectoides)
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Silky ant
Silky ant (Formica fusca)
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Western thatching ant
Western thatching ant (Formica obscuripes)
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Red ant
Red ant (Formica pallidefulva)
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Red wood ant
Red wood ant (Formica rufa)
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Smaller yellow ant
Smaller yellow ant (Lasius claviger)
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Ant (Lasius fuliginosus)
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Crazy ant
Crazy ant (Paratrechina longicornis)
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Little yellow ant
Little yellow ant (Plagiolepis alluaudi)
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False honey ant
False honey ant (Prenolepis imparis)
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