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Golden northern bumble bee
Golden northern bumble bee (Bombus fervidus)
The Golden northern bumble bee, native to North America, is a stout bee with black head and yellow body. Females are larger than males, and males are more brightly colored. The legs are black and the wings are dark and... Read more >
Hunt's Bumble bee
Hunt's Bumble bee (Bombus huntii)
Hunt's Bumble bee is a medium sized bumble bee covered in long hairs, and mainly yellow with a broad orange band (that can appear as two bands merging together) across the second and third segments of the abdomen. The... Read more >
Common Eastern Bumble Bee
Common Eastern Bumble Bee (Bombus impatiens)
As its name suggests the Common Eastern Bumble Bee is the most commonly seen bumble bee in eastern North America. It has a black head, black legs, yellow thorax, and mainly black abdomen with some yellow at the front... Read more >
Nevada Bumblebee
Nevada Bumblebee (Bombus nevadensis)
The Nevada Bumblebee is a North American bee with a yellow thorax that has a bare black spot in the middle, and mainly yellow abdomen with black tip at the "tail end". Females have an all black head, but males have... Read more >
Tricoloured Bumble Bee
Tricoloured Bumble Bee (Bombus ternarius)
The Orange-tailed bumble bee has a black head, black and yellow thorax, and broad orange central band on the abdomen (segments 2 and 3), with some yellow at each end (segments 1 and 4). It is similar in appearance to... Read more >

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