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Western paper wasp
Western paper wasp (Mischocyttarus flavitarsis)
The Western paper wasp is a black and yellow wasp with black head, black thorax with narrow bands and yellowish abdomen with dark bands. The legs are yellow and antenna are brownish. It builds an uncovered nest with... Read more >
Red Paper Wasp
Red Paper Wasp (Polistes annularis)
The Red Paper Wasp has a reddish brown head and thorax, with reddish brown on front part of the abdomen. The rest of the abdomen is black, separated from the red by a yellow ring. Northern populations are darker in... Read more >

Paper wasp
Paper wasp (Polistes apachus)
Polistes apachus is a yellow and medium chocolate brown colored paper wasp. The face is yellow with some brown markings on the head. The thorax is yellow with brown on top with two longitudinal yellow stripes. The... Read more >
Golden paper wasp
Golden paper wasp (Polistes aurifer)
The Golden paper wasp is variable in color. In some areas it is mainly black on the head and thorax, and has a golden yellow abdomen with black bands and a black tail tip. Wasps from southern areas are reddish and... Read more >
Red Wasp
Red Wasp (Polistes carolina)
The Red Wasp (Polistes carolina) as its name suggests is a reddish brown wasp. The head and body are mostly reddish brown with some indistinct browner banding on the abdomen. It is very similar to Polistes perplexus... Read more >
European Paper Wasp
European Paper Wasp (Polistes dominula)
The European Paper Wasp is a black and yellow striped wasp with distinctive orange antennae. This invasive pest species is different to native north American species, and is sometimes confused with the German... Read more >
Common paper wasp
Common paper wasp (Polistes exclamans)
Then Common paper wasp is a fairly brightly colored reddish brown wasp with black and yellow markings. The abdomen is mainly reddish brown with narrow yellow and black bands. Females have a mainly reddish thorax, and... Read more >
Northern paper wasp
Northern paper wasp (Polistes fuscatus)
The Northern paper slender wasp with narrow waist and is mainly black or dark brown with some yellowish or brown bands on the abdomen. The long legs are reddish brown, and hang downwards when the insect is in flight.... Read more >
Paper wasp
Paper wasp (Polistes metricus)
Polistes metricus is a dark reddish brown paper wasp from eastern North America. The thorax has some black lines and the abdomen is dark brown or black. The legs are yellow. Males have a yellow face and females have a... Read more >
Red-brown paper wasp
Red-brown paper wasp (Polistes olivaceus)
The Red-brown paper wasp is a yellow wasp fine black marking on the thorax and fine dark brown to almost black wavy markings on the abdomen. The legs are yellow, and the antennae are also yellow. It builds a round flat... Read more >

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