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Woodland Jumping Mouse
Woodland Jumping Mouse (Napaeozapus insignis)
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Meadow Jumping Mouse
Meadow Jumping Mouse (Zapus hudsonius)
Meadow Jumping Mice have long tails and long hind feet. Adults have a dark or olive brown band on the back, which is paler in juveniles. The sides are pale yellow-brown and the underside is white or buff-white. The tail... Read more >

Western Jumping Mouse
Western Jumping Mouse (Zapus princeps)
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Bailey's Pocket Mouse
Bailey's Pocket Mouse (Chaetodipus baileyi)
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Giant Kangaroo Rat
Giant Kangaroo Rat (Dipodomys ingens)
The Giant Kangaroo Rat is listed as an endangered species. The largest of the kangaroo rats, it has brown fur with a white stripe across the hindquarters, and a white underside. The tail is dark colored on the top and... Read more >

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