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 Tiger Rattlesnake (Crotalus tigris)

Tiger Rattlesnake | Crotalus tigris photo
Crotalus tigris, adult with rattle painted for identification.
Photograph by Al Coritz. GNU Free Documentation License.  (view image details)

The Tiger Rattlesnake is a relatively small species of rattlesnake, with a small head and large rattle. It has a gray, blue-gray, pink or buff background color becoming pink, pale orange or cream on the sides. It has 35 - 52 dark gray or brown crossbands that are wider on the back than on the sides. The crossbands have indistinct borders becoming darker and more clearly defined towards the tail. There are irregular and indistinct markings on the head are mostly vague and irregular, although may have dark blotches at the back of the head.

to 90cm

It is found in desert scrub, shrubland, woodland, rocky slopes, mountains foothills.

mice, other small mammals, and lizards

A litter of up to 6 live young is born in summer.

Found in southern and central Arizona, north western Mexico in Sonora. Also found on Isla Tiburón in the Gulf of California.

Tiger Rattlesnake venom is one of the most toxic of all rattlesnake venoms. There may be little local pain, swelling, or other reaction following the bite. Most envenomations happen when a snake is handled or abused. If bitten seek immediate medical attention.

Order:Squamata (Serpentes)
Common Name:Tiger Rattlesnake

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