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Long-beaked Common Dolphin
Long-beaked Common Dolphin (Delphinus capensis)
The Long-beaked Common Dolphin is similar in appearance to the Short-beaked Common Dolphin but has longer beak. It is black or dark brown with white or cream underside. The flippers are the same color as the back (black... Read more >
Short-beaked Common Dolphin
Short-beaked Common Dolphin (Delphinus delphis)
The Short-beaked Common Dolphin is black or dark brown with white or cream underside. The flippers are the same color as the back (black or dark brown). There is a pale marking along the side that separates the dark... Read more >

Short-finned Pilot Whale
Short-finned Pilot Whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus)
The Short-finned Pilot Whale is black with a white patch on the chin. The white patch may extend down the belly. The head is large and rounded with no beak. They have seven to nine teeth on each side of upper and lower... Read more >
Long-finned Pilot Whale
Long-finned Pilot Whale (Globicephala melas)
The Long-finned pilot whale is black with a white belly. The body is robust and cylindrical in shape, tapering towards the long tail. The head is rounded. The dorsal fin is low with long base and positioned well forward... Read more >
Risso's Dolphin
Risso's Dolphin (Grampus griseus)
Risso's Dolphin is pale gray with a blunt bulbous head and large dorsal fin. Adults are covered with pale scratches and scars. Juveniles are darker and have no scarring. The flippers are long and pointed. There is a... Read more >
Fraser's Dolphin
Fraser's Dolphin (Lagenodelphis hosei)
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Atlantic White-sided Dolphin
Atlantic White-sided Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus acutus)
The Atlantic White-sided Dolphin has black back and gray sides. The underside is white from the lower jaw to just past the anus. There are distinctive yellow-white patches on the sides within the gray area. The eyes are... Read more >
White-beaked Dolphin
White-beaked Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus albirostris)
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Pacific White-sided Dolphin
Pacific White-sided Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens)
The Pacific White-sided Dolphin is black or dark gray on the back with white underside. The fins and flippers are unusual in that they are "two-tone", colored dark and white. They are sometimes seen in schools of 1000... Read more >
Northern Right Whale Dolphin
Northern Right Whale Dolphin (Lissodelphis borealis)
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Killer Whale
Killer Whale (Orcinus orca)
The Killer Whale is the largest member of the dolphin family. It ids mostly black above and white underneath. The back and pectoral flippers are black, except for the gray saddle area located just behind the dorsal fin.... Read more >
Melon-headed Whale
Melon-headed Whale (Peponocephala electra)
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Harbor Porpoise
Harbor Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)
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Dall's Porpoise
Dall's Porpoise (Phocoenoides dalli)
Dall's Porpoise is a stocky compact porpoise with small head. It is black with bright white sides and underside. The tail and the dorsal fin is usually tipped withy whitish gray. There are two color types - the main... Read more >
False Killer Whale
False Killer Whale (Pseudorca crassidens)
The False Killer Whale is a large black or dark gray dolphin with pale gray underside. The body is long with a narrow dorsal fin with rounded tip, and long pointed flippers. The snout is bulbous. There is a pale ring... Read more >
Pantropical Spotted Dolphin
Pantropical Spotted Dolphin (Stenella attenuata)
The Pantropical Spotted Dolphin is gray and develops spots on the skin as it grows older. The back is gray with pale spots, and the belly is pale with dark spots. The snout is white and it has a fatty bump on its... Read more >
Clymene Dolphin
Clymene Dolphin (Stenella clymene)
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Striped Dolphin
Striped Dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba)
Striped dolphins are bluish-gray in color with a dark back and whitish underside. They have a dark blue-black stripe running across the entire length of the body, from the eye to the anus. Striped Dolphins are often... Read more >
Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
Atlantic Spotted Dolphin (Stenella frontalis)
The Atlantic Spotted Dolphin has a dark back with pale spots and a white belly with dark spots. The calves have no spots at birth, and begin to develop spots about the time that they are weaned. The number of spots... Read more >
Spinner Dolphin
Spinner Dolphin (Stenella longirostris)
The Spinner Dolphin gets its name from its habit of leaping out of the water, twirling and landing with noisy splash. The back is dark grey and belly is white. On each side there is a paler gray side panel. Read more >
Rough-toothed Dolphin
Rough-toothed Dolphin (Steno bredanensis)
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Bottlenose Dolphin
Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)
The Bottlenose Dolphin has a short rounded bottle-shaped snout. The large dorsal fin is slightly hooked and set half way along the body. Overall the body colour is a series of grey tones with an indistinct paler grey... Read more >

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