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 Prairie Kingsnake (Lampropeltis calligaster calligaster)

Prairie Kingsnake | Lampropeltis calligaster-calligaster photo
Prairie Kingsnake
Photograph by LA Dawson. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

The Prairie Kingsnake is brown or gray-brown with darker grey or brown blotches down the body. Typical specimens have a series of larger, roundish brown blotches with alternating smaller blotches on the sides. Some snakes have faint markings and appear almost solid brown. The head is fairly small in comparison to the body and about the same width as the neck. The scales are smooth. The underside is yellow or cream mottled with rusty spots and blotches. Young snakes have a brown stripe along the back, two black spots behind the head and smaller black spots along the back on either side of the stripe.

Other Names
Mole Kingsnake

length 75cm - 100cm

open grassland, open areas on edge of forest, prefers loose dry soil near permanent water.

rodents, but they will also consume lizards, frogs and occasionally other snakes.

lays eggs which hatch after about 60 days

south eastern United States in the area bounded by Nebraska to Virginia in the north and Texas to Florida in the south.

The Prairie Kingsnake is non-venomous and usually docile. It does not bite readily, although when handled will excrete a foul smelling musk. When threatened, it flattens its body.

There are albino and striped forms being bred for the pet trade.

Order:Squamata (Serpentes)
Species:calligaster calligaster
Common Name:Prairie Kingsnake

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