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 Red Milk Snake (Lampropeltis triangulum syspila)

Red Milk Snake | Lampropeltis triangulum-syspila photo
Red Milk Snake
Photograph by Mike Pingleton. GNU Free Documentation License.  (view image details)

The Red Milk Snake is a tri-colored snake with broad red saddle-shaped markings bordered with black separated by pale bands. There are usually between 19 and 30 red or red-brown saddle shaped blotches edged with black, these blotches extend down the sides. The pale background color is white, pale gray, cream, or tan. There is often a row of black spots along the lower sides. The saddle markings become complete rings around the tail. Juveniles have similar pattern to adults but are often more brightly colored. The underside is white with black checker pattern. The head usually has a large red blotch edged in black. The snout, lips and chin are cream.

length 45cm - 70cm

rocky hillsides, rocky pastures, rocky woodland clearings. Snakes Spends most of its time underground amongst rock crevices and animal burrows.

feeds on lizards, small snakes, rodents. Prey is killed by constriction.

Breeding occurs in spring. Females lay from 1-12 eggs in June and July which hatch from mid-August to September

eastern Kansas, Missouri, south Illinois, south west Indiana, Kentucky, west Tennessee, south Iowa, north Arkansas.

When disturbed, they will often thrash around and may bite and excrete a foul smelling musk. Red Milk Snakes can be kept in captivity and wild caught adults settle down fairly easily.

Order:Squamata (Serpentes)
Species:triangulum syspila
Common Name:Red Milk Snake

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